Double-up on your packaging system value!

DuoVIAL’s technology platform enables a unique new portfolio of dual-chamber primary packaging systems for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical, nutraceutical, beauty care & beyond.

About Pacifi

Dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices, where product quality and patient safety remain a priority.  Sustainability and ease of use should be equally embraced through innovation even in conservative, highly regulated markets.

Regulatory standards are evolving positively, to reflect the real-world needs of patients, end-users and other key stakeholders. Herein, regulatory change presents an opportunity to disrupt the status quo, enabling new ideas to be realised, to impact global health as a whole.


The dual-chamber unit in glass, enabling safe & easy reconstitution.

DuoVIAL’s unique glass form is enabled by LACR technology, delivering safe and easy application for the consumer, all whilst embracing the material advantages of glass.
Explore the evolving portfolio, enabled by our DuoVIAL® platform technology.